Best Tips when Playing Fan Tan Casino Gambling Game

If you are confused about how Fan Tan plays and what types of bets will be used in this game, then I will give a little explanation of how to win the game. Here are the best tips when playing Fan Tan casino gambling game that you should remember.

Best Tips when Playing Fan Tan Casino Gambling Game

Best Tips when Playing Fan Tan Casino Gambling Game
Best Tips when Playing Fan Tan Casino Gambling Game

How to Play the Asian Fan Tan Casino Game

In poker games, the game tool used is a playing card with 52 cards. Whereas in the Fan Tan game, the instrument used in this game consists of one large bowl, one small bowl and a stick made of iron or bamboo that has a pointed tip and several buttons.

What are the uses of these tools? The buttons used in this game are tools that are used as a reference to determine the winner of this game. The number of pins used is around 200 pieces. Large bowls are used to collect all the buttons used to play together.

While a small bowl is used to make buttons that have been collected using a large bowl Long sticks that are long in size and have a pointed tip are tools to separate the buttons in a small bowl into a row of lines per 4 pieces. After distributing the badges to 4 pieces per line, the number of buttons left is the determinant of who won the game.

The Best Tricks for Playing Fan Tan Online

This online game is the same as traditional games that are very easy to understand by the players. So you can easily win the game without having to learn it for quite a long time.

To be able to increase opportunities when you want to win, in the competition it will be easier to use the tricks that we have provided before the game starts, along with the right methods to be able to win Fan Tan gambling online:

1. Understand how to play

Before starting the match, Bandar will share 3 tools to play. These tools are sticks, small bowls, and beads. To start the game, the dealer will take the beads using a small bowl randomly, and the player must put the table on the table,

Bets will be started after the dealer open the bowl containing beads. Later the beads will be separated using a stick that had been provided by the Bandar. It is done so that there is no cheating when playing gambling Fan Tan, so everyone who plays is fair.

2. Understand win and lose

In games, any games, there must be a term of winning or losing. Therefore you must be careful in the game, not too fast or too long in making decisions and particularly taking the decision to place bets. Take the opportunity right away if there is a big enough opportunity to win the game, and stop if you have a terrible feeling. If you are yeast, you should stop playing because you can lose.

3. Focus on playing

You have to focus on playing, because if you are weak and not concentrated, you may experience defeat which will make you lose a lot of money.

These are the best tips when playing Fan Tan casino gambling game. With these tips, your chance of winning a lot of money will increase!

5 Techniques To Win Much Easier In Dragon Tiger

Have you heard about Dragon Tiger casino game? The game is very famous in the casino. This Dragon Tiger game uses 52 decks of standard cards without a joker. It will be shared by the dealer, which is placed on the side of the dragon and tiger.

So, players only guess on the side of the dragon or tiger, which will produce a bigger card. And on both sides is the location of the player in placing a bet. There is also a bet called Tie.

The tie is used by guessing the same value, between the dragon and tiger. And if you don’t choose it and the results of a draw, then the game is said to be a tie, and the player still gets a prize but only half. Aside from these information, here are the 5 techniques to win much easier in Dragon Tiger that you should remember.

5 Techniques To Win Much Easier In Dragon Tiger

5 Techniques To Win Much Easier In Dragon Tiger
5 Techniques To Win Much Easier In Dragon Tiger

A Few Ways to Win a Powerful Dragon Tiger Online

The order of dragon tiger cards is As, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, J, Q, K. Whereas, the color and motif of the card, have no effect. And now you can play dragon tiger online, that is by joining the biggest and most trusted online casino agent.

If you join the agent, then your profit opportunities will increase. Especially with the strategy of how to win playing dragon tiger online, which you can see below:

  1. In this online Dragon Tiger, you can track cards that will come out later. Namely by utilizing the history menu on the game page. In this menu, you can see the results of the cards that came out beforehand. That way, you can memorize which cards are still stored.
  2. You can see from the history at the level of victory on the side of the dragon and tiger. For example, you see a dealer on the side of the dragon for six consecutive times, then place the next bet on the tiger.
  3. In this game, never double the bet. Because, in casino games, there are no players who always win 100%. You must be patient to put up with a minimum value. It can be used to extend or multiply your round of games. That way, you can collect victory money little by little, which matters not much loss.
  4. From the many rounds of this online dragon tiger casino game, you must be able to control emotions. Generally, the period for the dragon tiger online series is only about 30 seconds. If you experience a continuous defeat in 5 minutes, then rest and choose another table. Don’t get angry, because it can add to your loss.
  5. If you have reached the target of victory, then do it immediately. And do not continue the game with lust, usually increasing the value of high bets to get a big prize. It can only guarantee 50%. Because if you lose, then the money you collect from little by little, the victory will disappear. Therefore before entering the game, you must target income for today.

So, there you have it! These are the 5 techniques to win much easier in Dragon Tiger casino game. Next, please understand it seriously, to change your betting style and increase the winning percentage in the online casino, especially in the dragon tiger casino game. And don’t forget, to play it you have to be in the right place, namely at best and trusted online casino agent.

Know How To Make The Best Bet In Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger game is one of the Online Casino games that can give satisfaction to all of its players. Moreover, the casino also offers various prizes that can be obtained when you win playing Dragon Tiger. Now, if you want to know how to make the best bet in Dragon Tiger, just read this post.

Know How To Make The Best Bet In Dragon Tiger

Know How To Make The Best Bet In Dragon Tiger
Know How To Make The Best Bet In Dragon Tiger

As has long been known, each of the games certainly has challenges and regulations that apply for gamblers who are looking for online gambling games that can make a lot of money. Dragon Tiger Games is the right solution for you.

Of all the types of casino games available, Dragon Tiger is an exciting and easy game to learn by non-specialists quickly. Dragon Tiger players can put BET between Dragon or Tiger offered by a Banker.

Dragon Tiger Games are played using eight decks, where bettors can place bets for Tiger, Tie or Dragon or there can be all three types of bets, which where one card will be removed at the start of each game. The banker will distribute two cards to the Player, the two of them will be spread facing up, one will be on the Dragon, and the other will be Tiger.

Part of both sides getting the highest score is the winner. The card value for the Dragon Tiger and the highest is King, while the lowest card value in the Dragon Tiger game is the US. Then on both sides, you will clash who gets the highest card value, if you get the same value, it will be considered as Push.

How To Play Dragon Tiger

How to Play Dragon Tiger with Tricks to Win can be done by calculating on the card. If the Dragon wins, then the calculation of the winnings is 1:1. If the value of the two cards received is the same, then the player will fail in half the bet saved before.

Furthermore, if the bet you make on Tiger wins, then the winning result that you can get is 1: 1. If the value of the two cards you get is the same amount, then you also have to be prepared to lose from the bet you did before. When placing a bet on Tie, the calculation of victory is 1: 8

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Dragon Tiger

For those of you who are looking for Tips to win the Dragon Tiger game, there are several steps you can take and a guide that you can make as consideration as below:

1. Start Playing Dragon Tiger Games

If you have managed to get a Personal Gambling Account, after that, you can make a bet right away. A few examples that we can give in general from Dragon Tiger Games that use Genuine Money, you have to be able to guess precisely the highest value of the two cards you get.

When the game starts, you must have at least two cards. Usually, both cards will be shared in a closed state. That way, you have to guess from the value of each card that has been obtained. Luck is often associated with the victory of gambling Dragon Tiger games. Cards from each side have different names like the name of the game, namely the left named Dragon and the right named Tiger.

2. Understanding the Value of Each Dragon Tiger Card

In the Dragon Tiger Casino game, gamblers need to understand the value of each card they get. For cards that have numerical values ​​such as 2 to 9, they have a value based on what is printed on the card. Jack’s card is the weakest here.

So, these are the things to know how to make the best bet in Dragon Tiger. With these tips, you will increase your chance of winning!